The Tadblu Display Box
Set of 3 Ring Displays
Acrylic Single Bracelet Display
The Tadblu Display Box
Set of 3 Ring Displays


Mens Bracelets

Charm Bracelets



The Tadblu Display Box


For the Funeral Home, to lay out as a display, take measurements, and sell from.

The box measures 13.3 x 7 inch/  34 x 18 cm.
It contains:

  • Mens Bracelet in cord, size L
  • Mens Bracelet in leather, size M
  • Charm Bracelet in leather, size S
  • Steel Ring, size 18
  • Golden Ring, size 17
  • Steel Pendant with a silver necklace
  • Golden Pendant with a vermeil necklace
  • 3 complimentary steel gemstone caps, so you can make 5 different combinations for the steel ring or pendant!

Set of 3 Ring Displays


Consists of 3 massive black lacquered wooden ring displays with acrylic clip.
! Does not fit a size 16 ring !


  • Small: 33 x 33 x 30 mm
  • Medium: 33 x 33 x 60 mm
  • Large: 33 x 33 x 90 mm
  • Extra clips can be ordered

Acrylic Single Bracelet Display


To elegantly display your

  • Mens Bracelets
  • Charm Bracelets

Height:  3.54 inch / 9 cm

Filling Spoon and Sealing Glue

Sealing glue: TB-GLU

30ml tube of jewelry glue

This glue will cure in about 2 hours.
It is very important to use jewelry glue and not instant hardening glue, so you can be sure the item will not be stuck before closing completely!

Filling Spoon: TB-SP

a copper filling spoon, just the right size to easily fill the TadBlu jewelry