Unique collaboration with LoveUrns

We are proud to announce that we have signed a cooperation agreement with LoveUrns, the world’s largest producer and distributor of memorial jewelry and urns. Our memorial jewelry will be included in the LoveUrns catalog, making our international breakthrough a definite fact.

Although we have been growing internationally for years, already operating in over 10 countries, the cooperation with LoveUrns is a huge boost for our company. Because we were already active in the American market as well, we came into LoveUrns’ sights. One thing led to another, and LoveUrns will now include our immensely popular men’s bracelets in their global catalog, which means we will market in another 30 countries. With this step forward, while maintaining our own identity, we are increasing our brand awareness, a result of all the efforts we have made since the founding of TadBlu in 2016

We are of course very pleased with this international boost and feel it greatly strengthens our company’s mission and vision; to provide a lifetime of comfort for people who have lost a beloved person or pet. With our memory jewelry, bereaved families can always carry the memories with them.

TadBlu, for a lifetime of comfort.

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