Papillon Funeral Care

A Breath of Fresh Air in the Funeral Industry

Papillon stands for providing protective wings, like a comforting cocoon where grief finds rest and security. Yet, they are also the active flutterers, who handle the practical concerns of arranging a funeral with love and dedication. They offer you the precious time and space you need to say goodbye to your loved one. At Papillon Funeral Care, you can grieve around the clock in the family room, accessible 24/7 from the initial call and ending when the family is ready.

Our valuable partner, Papillon Funeral Care, represents not only TadBlu’s jewelry but also our shared values of compassion and innovation. They aim to bring a breath of fresh air to the funeral industry.

When families visit the store in Maasmechelen to choose a memorial piece of jewelry, they are introduced to TadBlu’s collection, both in-store and online. Together, they select the perfect keepsake to cherish forever.

The team members themselves wear a TadBlu piece of jewelry, symbolizing their commitment to the enduring power of memories.

Would you like to learn more about our partner? Please take a look at their website

Thank you, Team Papillon, for the excellent and pleasant collaboration over all these years!

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