Guarantee and care instructions

TadBlu provides a 2-year warranty against manufacturing and material defect, on all jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry should be handled with care. We do not guarantee damage resulting from misuse, damage due to carelessness, normal wear and tear, loss of the product or any part thereof, or theft.

Our jewelry should not be exposed to chemicals, makeup, chlorinated water, hot tubs, saunas or ultrasonic cleaners. Any damage caused by this is not covered under warranty.

The TadBlu filling space must be glued after filling. The gluing must be done by a specialist and with jewelry glue. This is available from TadBlu. Damage to the filling space or loss of a cap due to failure or improper gluing is not covered under warranty.

Damage to TadBlu jewelry not covered by warranty can be repaired by TadBlu. This is part of our customer service. Repair costs will depend on the damage that needs to be repaired.

TadBlu recommends putting the jewelry on in the morning and taking it off at night before going to bed. Physical exertion can cause unnecessary wear on a piece of jewelry. We recommend that you always take off your jewelry before performing household chores, washing dishes, swimming, bathing, sunbathing, going to the sauna or exercising.

TadBlu leather bracelets are handmade in Belgium with cow or pig leather.

Since leather is a natural product, the color of the leather may vary from bracelet to bracelet. Leather bracelets that are used daily develop a patina and give the leather a slightly used look. These are normal signs of use.

Any damage or warranty issues is handled by the reseller of which the jewelry is bought. 

Partners and sellers of TadBlu jewelry will make their customers aware of the warranty and maintenance instructions. These instructions can be viewed on our website at any time


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