Filling and securing

Filling and Securing

Filling and securing a TadBlu piece of memorial jewelry is very easy.

Just follow these 5 steps. You can also watch the videos.

open pendant

Step 1

Open the ash chamber by unscrewing.
Fill pendant

Step 2

Fill the ash chamber with ashes, hair or other remembrance material.

Wipe thread clean

Step 3

Wipe the thread clean to make sure there is no residu on the thread.
Apply 1 drop of jewelry glue

Step 4

Apply 1 drop of jewelry glue to the tread. Be sure to use jewelry glue. Jewelry glue will cure in about 2 hours.
Do not use instant glue that may cure before you have properly closed the ash chamber.

Close pendant

Step 5

Screw the cap onto the ash chamber.